Missing Journalist, James Wright Foley Beheaded By ISIS, Militant Threatens To Kill Another Journalist

The news came as a shock to the international community.


A shocking video has emerged showing a member of the Islamist ISIS militant group who speaks with a British accent brutally executing an American photojournalist who was kidnapped in Syria two years ago.

Photojournalist James Wright Foley who went missing in Syria in 2012 while working for Global Post News Agency was beheaded by ISIS forces. 

ISIS posted the extremely graphic video, ‘A Message to America‘ to social media.

Before Foley is beheaded, he speaks to the camera, apparently coerced by his captors into talking against his country by labelling the U.S. his killers.


James Wright Foley

The masked and robed executioner speaks English in apparent London accent.

The video also shows a man identified as missing journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff. The militant warns he will be killed next if the U.S airstrikes in Iraq do not cease.


British Foreign Secretary today said ‘appalling’ video appeared to be genuine.

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Credit: Mail Online 


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