Mo Abudu Turns 54! Shares Series With Birthday Photos Titled “FAVOUR”

Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-1

Mo Abudu turns 54 today, 11th September and shares this series with her photos titled “FAVOUR”.

According to the CEO of EbonyLife TV:

“I look back over my life and I know its simply about enjoying HIS FAVOUR. Yes, I am favoured. Favour is given in abundance by The Almighty, to those He chooses. At times, His favour comes as a surprise, a gift, an idea, an opportunity and, at times, even as a challenge. I accept and embrace them all, knowing I am highly favoured.”




“Today, on my birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has made a difference in my life over the past 54 years. You know who you are. I love you dearly and you are all favoured, now and always, by His special grace.”


“Sending special love today and always to my mum, my darling Temidee, my Koko and my sisters. Love you all to bits.”


“We have so much to learn from each other. Hoping that the ‘Birthday Favour Tips’ that I share today will be useful to you, as you plan your next day, week or year. I would love to hear from anyone that has any favour tips to share with me – those things that have brought you favour.”


Much love to all.

Mo Abudu

11 September 2018


Scroll down to view the photos with messages from the series.

Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-2


Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-3


Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-4


Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-5


Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-6


Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-7


Mo Abudu 54th Birthday OnoBello-8


Shoot Credits:

Photography – Emmanuel Oyeleke – @eopjournals – @eopstudios

Make up – D’Artiste by DODOS – @iamdodos_style

Hair – TJ – @Haircraft_ and @Beedaisyhair

Wardrobe – All from Mo Abudu’s wardrobe


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