Momager Extraordinaire! Kris Jenner Is Bossing On The Cover Of ES Magazine


The Kardashians owe a good measure of their success to their Mom who also doubles as their manager (hence the moniker, Momager), Kris Jenner. The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is on the cover of the latest edition of ES Magazine’s edition looking every inch the boss she is.

In her interview with the magazine, we get a look into the life of the woman who has managed to turn every moment of her family’s life – the good and the bad- into one huge money-spinning machine.

Excerpts from her interview…

On whether she thought her ex-husband Bruce (now Caitlyn) was intimidated by her: ‘I didn’t think so at the time, but perhaps. You’d have to ask him. Or her.’

On how she feels about Americans support of Caitlyn: ‘Hmm… He must feel really good about that.‘I wish everybody well; when it comes to everybody else’s journey, as far as people that are trying to find themselves, this is a very fresh and new thing, so I think it’s important for me to let her tell her own story.’

On whether there are times when the mother and the manager are in conflict: ‘They’re complementary. Nobody has the kids’ best interests at heart like I do. I don’t want anything ever compromised, either one of my kids, or the brand.’

Read the full interview here.

Check out more pictures of the gorgeous Kris Jenner below!

2-Momager-Extraordinaire-OnoBello 3-Momager-Extraordinaire-OnoBello

4-Momager-Extraordinaire-OnoBello 5-Momager-Extraordinaire-OnoBello


Shoot Credits:

Photography: Mary Rozzi

Styling: Nicky Yates





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