OB Movie Review: Funke Akindele And Omoni Oboli Go Head To Head In Moms At War

Moms At War

The premiere of the Funke Akindele/Omoni Oboli movie “Moms At War” was held at the Filmhouse Cinemas, Lekki, on Sunday 12/08/2018) and of course yours truly was there to cover the event and bring you an unbiased, unadulterated review of the movie to help you in deciding if the movie is worth your precious time and valuable money without giving away any spoilers (hopefully).

A brief overview of the movie plot first: Moms At War is a story of two families who happen to be next door neighbours to one another. One family comprises a single mom raising an only child who is male, the other a couple raising an only child who so happens to be female (I can practically sense some eyes rolling already hahaha). Both children go head-to-head on a test at school (they both go to the same school, typical) to determine who will represent the school at an international symposium but they tie. In the quest for a clear winner, both mothers are invited by the school and things get heated but hold your horses, not all is exactly as it seems on the surface. There is intrigue, blackmail, scandals, unlikely friendships, plots, counterplots and much more all encapsulated within a shell of comedy (it seems Nigerian film-makers have come to the decision that comedy is the way to go if you want to make money at the Nigerian Box Office, and I don’t blame them).

Now to the cast; the two lead actresses are veterans in the industry with a wealth of experience and many successful movies behind them, this was evident in how they executed their roles in this movie. Funke Akindele gave an almost perfect performance, Omoni also but with all love and respect, there are certain aspects Omoni struggles with (there’s a scene where both women are supposed to be drunk and while Funke pulls it off quite alright, Omoni seems to overact the part, coming off as a little bit ingenuine). The supporting cast did a swell job, but there are some extras with lines who just seemed out of touch with what they were saying. All in all, the entirety of the cast did a great job with room for improvement.

The director and film-crew did a good job; great quality images, healthy dose of aerial videography, not so many unnecessary shots/scenes, great seguing from scene to scene, good editing. An all-round good job, not excellent or mind-blowing, just a solid job all round.

With all that being said, this is a family friendly movie, with enough comedy and “ooohs and awwwns”. Out of 5 stars, we’ll give it a solid 3 stars.

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