Movie Review: Henry Cavill Takes On “Clark Kent” As Superman Returns With “Man Of Steel”

Does the way the whole world has been going on and on about “Superman: Man of Steel” not make you want to see the movie? Oh well, it’s a very exciting thing when a big tent-pole blockbuster that&#39s been hyped and hyped for well over a year finally comes along and lives up to all your expectations. Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan is all that and more.

Right from an incredible action-heavy prologue on Krypton, that plunges Russell Crowe&#39s Jor-El into a frantic battle to save his newborn son from Zod, it’s clear Man of Steel is going to be a roller-coaster ride you need to strap-yourself in for. Crowe and Ayelet Zurer as Superman&#39s Kryptonian parents make a perfect contrast to Kevin Costner and Diane Lane&#39s earthier take on the Kents, and while his screen-time may be limited, Crowe&#39s really at his best here, bringing the same gravitas to the part that he does in something like Gladiator, and seems surprisingly at home in full-on sci-fi fantasy mode, shooting laser guns, and riding flying creatures across Krypton.

The traditional way of telling Superman&#39s origins is dropped as they get to earth and we pick up on Henry Cavill&#39s Clark Kent as an adult on the verge of discovering his roots, flashing back to his picturesque upbringing in Smallville. Diane Lane exudes warmth as Ma Kent, while the ideally cast Kevin Costner gives a truly amazing, heartfelt performance as Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, Amy Adams&#39 take on Lois Lane is the most modern the character&#39s ever been.


However, the only noticeable glitch in the movie is that once again, we have a 3D movie that doesn&#39t feel the slightest bit three-dimensional. This could have been in 2D as more often than not, one may forget you are watching a 3D film. It is a great movie and the box office ratings can attest to that.



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