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Slow Country

Producer/Director: Eric Aghimien

Cast: Ivie Okujaye-Egboh, Sambasa Nzeribe, Tope Tedela, Majid Michel, Richard Brutus,Victor Eriabie, Gina Castel, Adebayo Thomas, Imoudu ‘DJ Moe’ Ayonete, Shola Thompson-AdewaleDirector: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Action

Language: English and Pidgin English


Slow Country follows the story of Kome, a homeless teenage mother, who in a bid to cater and secure a good life for her son Peter sought refuge in the arms of a drug kingpin Tuvi. The kingpin ushers her into the world of prostitution and drug trafficking. However, when faced with a serious dilemma and the sudden return of her ex-boyfriend Osas who desperately wants to win her heart, having abandoned her for 7 years, she gets fed up and attempts to break free. She pleads with her boss to let her quit the underworld but he is not ready to let go of his most trusted cash cow.


Eric Aghimien brings an interesting adrenaline-filled movie to the big screen.  There are familiar faces as part of the cast, but there are also a good number of new faces that were introduced to the audience.

The set design was fantastic and every props used in each scene captured the essence of the scene and helps bring the scene alive. Brasko’s den and Tuvi’s abandoned factory look exactly like what a ruthless gangstar’s den would look like.

The visual and special effects in this movie were on point. The gun shots, the auto accident, the blasts, the dismembered legs, battered faces, and the hand combats were believably gruesome. The cinematography of the movies was perfect for the genre of the movie.

Slow Country

Each of the actors delivered their role efficiently. Sambasa’s performance was impeccable. He perfectly portrayed his character of a ruthless villain, Tuvi to the minute details. Ivie Okujaiye’s portrayal of her character, Kome was apt, even Adebayo Thomas who played Kome’s son, Peter was great and portrayed his character beautifully. Tope Tedela’s great acting skill was evident as he played his role of Osas passionately. Richard Brasko perfectly portrayed the witty, cruel, yet playful nature of his character, Brasko.

Gina Castel gave a heart-warming performance for her character, Ola and as usual, Majid Michel put up a good performance, as Dave, the Inspector investigating Tuvi.

In conclusion, the director/producer, Eric Aghimien has done a fantastic job with this compelling action movie. Slow country is in a class of its own as regards action movie genre in Nollywood. It is not only the best action movie in Nollywood.

The movie which premiered May 1, 2017 will be in cinemas across Nigeria from May 19.

Watch the trailer below!



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