Movie Review: Musical Thriller ‘Hoodrush’ Set For The Box Office! See Photos Of Bimbo Akintola, OC Ukeje, Uche Jombo, Matse & Oreka Godis At The Premiere

The movie ‘Hoodrush’ premiered last Saturday at the Silverbird Galleria on Ahmadu Bello way, and the movie premiere was attended by the crème de la crème of the movie industry, and Nigerian entertainment industry as a whole.


Scenes From the Movie

Silverbird Galleria was full right from the doors to the cinema hall. There were security personnel with their metal detectors checking guests and all who entered the Galleria. There was red carpet and photographers lined up from different media platforms to get a glimpse of the action. There were people and fans standing on the stairs in Silverbird and more leaning over just to look at the stars. The place was a tad too full.


Scenes From the Movie

But the movie itself was worth all the hassle. Before I go on, here’s to all those who haven’t gotten a chance to watch the movie during the week, Spoiler Alert!


Scenes From the Movie

Hoodrush is a musical thriller detailing the travails of two brothers closely bonded by their love for music; but deeply separated by their means for success. Shez and Tavier are two of a kind pursuing a Herculean dream of becoming music stars. But all they have is their amazing vocal talents, good looks, a crib in the ghetto and a menial job that could hardly pay for their clothing and feeding expenses. They soon realize they need more to achieve their dreams, and participating and hoping to win a credible talent hunt show comes as their only natural option. Being at the bottom of the societal grid, ghetto life’s ugly fabric begins to wear on them and their eventual vulnerability puts them at the mercy of the high and mighty.


Scenes From the Movie


Scenes From the Movie

The movie theme is an unusual one for the Nigerian movie industry, and for that singular fact, I expected the movie to be a letdown, but it wasn’t. The movie features some of the best young talents in Nollywood like OC Ukeje, Bimbo Akintola, Gabriel Afolayan, Chelsea Eze, and Ijeoma Agu.


The fact that the movie was to feature original music also made me a bit apprehensive, but the music was written by a prolific Nigerian music writer, Patrick Matthias, and was truly amazing.


Scenes From the Movie

The movie Hoodrush is a first from DimejiBabalola, but is a very good movie, not your typical Nigerian movie. Hoodrush has a lot of emotion in it. Apart from the fact that it is a musical, the story line is something that you would connect with emotionally.


See photos from the premiere at the Silverbird Galleria



For those who haven’t seen it, the movie is still showing at Silverbird Galleria, Genesis deluxe Cinemas, and Ozone Cinemas. Check their websites for details.




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