MTN Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2011- Phunk Afrique

Funke Ogunde, the brain behind Phunk Afrique, an outfit that specialises in ladies designs.



For the lady, who draws her inspiration from the woman’s body, Ogunde opts to make a statement with her designs on the feminine contour.


According to her, “my inspiration comes from a woman’s body. We make to suit the body of the customer, because their bodies bring out the beauty of our design. The things I like about the woman’s body are the waistline and the legs because I do a lot of short dresses when worn with nice shoes will give the woman some kind of classy, chic look. For people with big tummy are equally not left out as we make clothes that will give them a super look.”


For this collection, Ogunde chose to depart from her classic styles opting for simpler and softer silhouettes with intricate print details.


Pieces were predominately colourful and print dresses with an effortless vibe to them.



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