“There Is No Music Industry In Nigeria Yet” – Etcetera

Etcetera speaks again…


Etcetera, a musician turned writer and widely criticized for his open, unapologetic opinions on issues surrounding Nigerian celebrities spoke in a recent interview about the Nigerian music industry.

On what he would do if he had the opportunity to change the music industry 

There is no industry yet my brother. So the only thing that can be changed is everything. What we have is just a bunch of hardworking individuals swimming against the tide to make a living for themselves. We need structures to have an industry. And as we speak, we don’t have that industry yet. 


On why Nigerian artistes are acknowledged globally regardless

Our artistes are known globally because music is the only universally accepted language. But with structures, our musicians will reap the fruits of their labour and have something to fall back when they are too old to jump on any stage. 




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