Music Sensation Nneka On All Three Covers Of New African Woman Magazine

This is Nneka like you have never seen before!

Music Sensation -1 (1)

The Singer covers all three versions of New African Woman Magazine April/May 2015 issue.

The South African cover is true to the magazine’s cherished ethos to highlight the abundant African fashion design talented, which sees Nneka in this MaXhosa by Ladumawe ensemble and of course she rocks her signature big Afro hair-style!

In another cover, the singer batters up in a black hat with fish net covering her face and wears a black top, her face is quite structured with super captivating make up and bright red lips…. Gorgeous!

Nneka is that rare voice that comes along in each generation. The politically conscious, socially astute and culturally grounded music prodigy sits with the magazine for a heart to heart.

Check out more photos from the issue.

Music Sensation -1 (2)


Music Sensation -1 (3)


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