Must Read! Chats With Actress Ruth Kadiri On Life, Fashion & Every Other Thing In-between!

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On’s hot seat this fine Saturday is actress and philanthropist, Ruth Kadiri.

Njideka Akabogu caught up with the beautiful actress for a fun and revealing interview.

See all they talked about below!

OB: What one word best describes you?

Ruth: Tranquil.

OB: What do you do when you’re not on set shooting a movie?

Ruth: I’m traveling the world, hanging out with friends, being with my man or sleeping… I love to sleep.

OB: Who’s the one person in Nollywood you would absolutely love to star alongside in a movie?

Ruth: Omotola Ekehinde.

OB: And in Hollywood?

Ruth: Melissa McCarthy.

OB: What projects are you currently working on?

Ruth: I’m currently working on two movies. One is titled, Memory Lane featuring Uche Jumbo, Ruth Kadiri, Toosweet Anan, Okey Ozochi and a host of others. The other is titled Baby Daddy and it features Seyi Law, Ebele Okaro, Uche Jombo, Eddie Watson Jnr, Ruth Kadiri, Jennifer Eliogwu and a host of others.

OB: What’s the long-term goal?

Ruth: As with every big dreamer, I sort to make Ruth Kadiri a huge brand name in every household and create a long term impact that will serve as a lasting impression in every aspect of entertainment and household to breed continuous association with the Ruth Kadiri brand.

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OB: What’s your favourite movie of all times?

Ruth: Love And Basketball!

OB: How did your cameo in Cynthia Morgan’s Olowo video come about? Are you guys friends?

Ruth: Yes, we are friends and that’s what friends do for each other – support. She gave me a call and asked I do a cameo in her video and I gladly did.

OB: Who’s your closest friend in the entertainment industry?

Ruth: Anthony Adedeji aka Hey whysamba, he is a Cinematographer.

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OB: Your male celebrity crush?

Ruth: (Laughs), I crushed on Jetta Amata some time ago but not anymore.

OB: What’s the first thing you notice about a man?

Ruth: Well, Intelligence is the first thing that appeals to me in a man, you must be extremely intelligent before I even consider anything else and you must have a lot of patience because you won’t even get close to me without it.

OB: If you could be another person for a day, who would it be and why?

Ruth: (Laughs)… I will be FalztheBagGuy, he’s a really funny guy and I wonder how he combines his craft, being a Musician, Comedian and even an Actor yet inculcating his funny act in each of these crafts.

Who did you vote in the last elections?

Ruth: (Laughs) No Comment

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OB: One fashion item you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Ruth: I don’t know honestly, I go for anything that fits and you won’t catch me wearing what won’t look good on me.

OB: Who’s your favourite Nigerian designer?

Ruth: Tianna Styling. She’s really creative.

OB: Who’s your style icon?

Ruth: Jelena karleusa

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