Must Read! Spotlights ‘Emerald’ Actress & AMAA Nominee, Ifu Ennada

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On our hot seat today is Ifu Ennada – an actress, fitness enthusiast, budding singer,content creator/producer and creative writer.

That might seem like too much but she really does it all and in no small measures, which explains why just two years into her acting career, she got nominated for an AMAA.

In this interview with’s Njideka ‘Enjay’ Akabogu, Ifu who plays Tina in Africa Magic’s TV series, ‘Emerald’ lets us in on her plan to take over the world.


OB: You’re like the proverbial jack of all trades – acting, singing, fitness training and if I’m not mistaken, a presenter at one point. How do you do it and which would you say you’re a master at?

Ifu: I won’t describe myself as a Jack of All Trades, because I really don’t practice all trades. Everything I do is related in some way. I’m basically exploring some relatives in arts and television and I’m a master at everything.

I’ve been in the film industry for about 2yrs and this year I got recognised by the Africa Movie Academy Awards by their nomination for Best Young Promising Actor. I think that speaks for itself; I’m not doing bad at and it’s all thanks to God in Jesus name.

Fitness and living a healthy life is something I’m passionate about, especially helping other in that aspect. I think it’s something everyone should love too because of its numerous benefits.

About being a presenter; I started off as a TV presenter when I was 19. It was around that time I started producing and creating content for TV.

OB: You were nominated for Best Young/Promising Actor at the recent AMAAs, how did that feel?

Ifu: Yes, I was nominated in the category for Best Young/Promising Actor, for the movie O Town. A gangster thriller produced by Oge Obasi and directed by CJ Obasi. I must tell you, when my producer announced the news to me, I was in shock. It took my brain a few seconds to accept that it was a fact. I’m really overjoyed by the recognition by AMAA because it has further elevated my career as an actress and it’s a huge motivation. I’m forever grateful to the 2016 AMAA jury. I hope to get more nominations and more awards in Jesus name.

OB: When did you discover you wanted to be an actor?

Ifu: For as long as I can remember, I never really wanted to be an actor.I did loads of acting in Primary and Secondary school, but I never aspired to be an actress. I always dreamt of being an internationally recognised musician; that’s still a work in progress.

About my acting; well, I stumbled into it. My first audition as an actress got me a lead role on Emerald TV drama series and it came at a time when my job as a full-time producer wasn’t challenging anymore. So I took up the offer as a break from my life as a TV producer.

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OB: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do in pursuance of your career?

Ifu: Considering the word “hardest” in its true meaning, I won’t say I’ve done anything hard in pursuance of my career. I mean I’ve had many ups and downs, but I think everything makes the success story telling more interesting.

OB: You’re also into music and in a recent interview, you hinted at a debut single. Tell me about it and when we should expect it?

Ifu:I’ve been writing and recording for a long time. A song of mine even got the attention of Universal Music South Africa last year. I’ve been working on myself and making sure I’m not mediocre when I finally debut as a musician/singer. Music is something I’m very passionate about, but it also scares me because I don’t want to fail at it. You’ll be one of the first to hear about the debut of my first single (which I haven’t really decided. My music will happen. There’s no doubt about it.

OB: What are you currently working on?

Ifu: My current projects include preproduction for my Short Film – Tears Of A Broken Virgin. It’s a personal project and story inspired by a real life event. I have big plans for the short film, but you’ll know them as they manifest, God willing.

I’ll also be launching something on Ennada Fitness; it’s a product that’ll help people achieve their fitness/Weightloss/wellness goals without the ugly setbacks that come with unrealistic expectations and body comparisons.

OB: So, what’s the long-term goal?

Ifu: Long term goal? Hollywood! I want to be recognized in Hollywood as an actress and singer/musician, and director as well. Yes! I said director because I’ll be studying and training abroad as a director and cinematographer very soon.

As someone who’s passionate about TV as well; I’ll be producing several TV shows, some of them reality TV shows. God willing, I’ll grow everything into a huge entertainment and media platform.



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OB: If you had to choose, which would it be – Music or acting?

Ifu: I could never choose between music and acting, but I know at different points in my life in the future one might become more pronounced than the other, but they complete my makeup as a human, I could never flush one away forever. If I’m not actively involved in these two in front of the camera, I’ll be working behind the scene. This is one of the reasons I’ll be studying and training abroad as a director and cinematographer.

OB: Who’s the one person in Nollywood you’d absolutely love to work with?

Ifu: In Nollywood I want to work with a lot of amazing actors, directors and producers. I’d have to make a long list to accommodate all their names.

OB: And in Hollywood?

Ifu: I absolutely want to work with Johnny Depp and some others, but Johnny Depp most definitely! I fell in love with him in Pirates Of TheCarribean and I’m gonna tell him how much I love his work someday!

OB: Tell me about Ennada Fitness.

Ifu: Ennada Fitness is a fitness and wellness platform that encourages healthy living through its various platforms on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on my YouTube channel which is called Ennada TV. Ennada Fitness also helps people achieve their fitness/Weightloss/wellness goals by providing them with personalised meal plans and workout programs with loads of supervision and motivation by a fitness trainer.

Ennada Fitness is the platform where I’ll be launching the product which I talked about earlier on.



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OB: How would you describe your style?

Ifu: I’ll say my style is eclectic and I’m not the one to follow trends.

OB: What’s the one item a rummage through your handbag at any point in time will definitely bring up?

Ifu: A perfume bottle. Yes. I never leave home without one of my perfumes in my bag. I don’t wear inferior perfumes, but I just like to have them in my bag. I currently have Mon Paris by YSL and a perfume by Giorgio Armani in my bag.

OB: If you are made to wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ifu: Errrrm, well, errrm. I don’t know because I don’t have a favorite colour, but I guess anything from black, white and red will do.

OB: Best fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?

Ifu: “Don’t look like a masquerade in the name of wearing everything you see on the runway”.

It was an advice my cousin gave me after a certain hilarious happening.

Thanks Ifu for chatting with us.

You can follow her on Instagram @ifuennada and her fitness page @ennadafitness.



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