Nancy Isime Looks Dreamy On The December Issue Of KOKO Magazine

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Nollywood actress, model and TV personality, Nancy Isime is the latest cover star of The KOKO MagazineGracing the December issue, Nancy, who won the Miss Valentine International beauty pageant, opens up about her childhood growing up in Benin City, why she joined the entertainment industry, her life goals, biggest fears, and her rave-making new TV show. 

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Who is Nancy Isime?

Nancy isime is an actor, a TV presenter, event host. She’s just a simple girl next door, she’s quite calm I guess, collected sometimes and she is a happy kid when she needs to be.

On when she discovered her acting talent?

I think, I don’t even know, as a kid, I didn’t even discover it someone else discovered my acting talent , but as kids I used to act, but I never thought I’d take it seriously. I did not discover my acting talent, a director discovered it and asked me to go for it and I think that’s when I said okay I could do this.

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On how she was able to transition from being a model to an actor and then a TV presenter?

Erm, it wasn’t much of a transition, I know that I was a model then I got a casting call for a TV series, and that was it and then a casting call for a TV presenter so yeah, there was no ghen ghen transition, it just happened

About her first movie role?

My first movie role was okay, I think I can remember my first TV series, my first role, and that was for “Echo” and it was cool, I enjoyed myself, I learnt more about acting especially from the actors who were on set who were more you know, experienced than I was, so yeah, it was a fun experience.

Read the full interview here!

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