NCDC Confirms Four New Coronavirus Cases Making A Total Of 40 Patients

Coronavirus Lagos Shutdown OnoBello

According to reports from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), four new cases of patients infected with the COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, have been discovered.

Three of the cases are in Lagos and one in Abuja; two of the cases recently returned to the country. This brings the total number of cases in Nigeria to 40. Ten new cases were reported on Monday, 23 March, the same day the first death from the infectious disease was recorded.

According to the NCDC, six of the 10 new cases confirmed on Monday are in Lagos State, three in Abuja, the Federal Capital and one in Edo State. Nigeria’s first reported case of the pandemic ravaging across the world was on February 27, the index case, an Italian, and another patient have been discharged.

Four New Coronavirus Cases In Abuja and Lagos OnoBello

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