New Kano Emir Says Mass Deaths In State Has No Connection To COVID-19

Ado Bayero Mass Death In Kano COVID-19 OnoBello

The new Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, has confirmed that the mass deaths reported in the state are not due to COVID-19 as many reports have speculated.

According to Channels TV, a statement from the 58th Emir on Sunday noted that he was informed by the State’s Ministry of Health that the ‘mysterious’ deaths which had reportedly claimed over 600 indigenes were not as a result of the virus outbreak.

He prayed for the reposed, asking Allah that their of souls may be forgiven. The Sarkin also spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic, urging Kano residents to adhere to all the directives by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and other health agencies that are authorities on the subject matter.

The full speech by the Fulani ruler read, “My people may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you all. We wish to inform you that, the Kano state ministry of health has informed us about the update on the outbreak of COVID-19 in various places across the state.

This report is really important, the report has further confirmed to us that COVID-19 is real and that as of today about 73 people have tested positive for the pandamic. My people, with regards to this situation, it had become necessary for us to remind you on the need to follow all the necessary medical advice.

You all must stay away from over crowded places, wash your hands regularly with soap and use face mask. We also urge you to avoid stigmatisation on people with the infection, avoid fake news that may likely create panic among our people.

I equally call on you to look after your children and make sure they do not continue to play football on the streets, once you notice any symptoms please do not hesitate to report such to medical experts.

My people, I call on you to remain calm, and continue to pray for Allah’s intervention. I therefore want to use this opportunity to condole the family of those who lost lives recently. We were equally informed by the ministry that the deaths were not as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We therefore pray for the repose of the souls who lost their lives, may Almighty Allah forgive them, those infected, we pray for their quick recovery. May almighty Allah continue to protect us.

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