New Law In Turkey Will Allow Child Rapists Marry Their Victims To Avoid Prosecution

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ICYMI, Turkey is planning to introduce a law that will allow men accused of raping underage girls to avoid punishment by marrying their victims.

The controversial “marry-your-rapist” bill is due to be introduced into the Turkish parliament at the end of January. A similar bill was defeated in Turkey in 2016 after outrage. This legislation would have only absolved men of their crimes if they had sex “without force or threat”.

The newer legislation, then, appears to be a step up from previous attempts, something which has angered Turkish women’s rights campaigners. They have claimed the legislation legitimises child marriage and statutory rape, also allowing child abuse and sexual exploitation in the process.

The opposition, People’s Democratic Party (HDP), is now urging the government to axe the legislation plans. In 2016, United Nations agencies warned a bill of this kind could leave victims vulnerable to experiencing more mistreatment and abuse from their rapists. The laws have been introduced in a number of places across the world, and have been tied into the idea of protecting the family’s “honour”.

The discussion surrounding so-called “marry-your-rapist” legislation has also focused on the issue of ensuring children who are produced as a result of rape are not left fatherless. This, say some campaigners and women in Turkey, is an argument which legitimises rape and forces women to give birth to unwanted children.

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