Nigeria Centre For Disease Control Confirms 156 New Cases Of COVID-19

COVID-19 In Nigeria OnoBello

Nigeria has recorded 156 new cases of COVID-19 and one death from the virus, new data by the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control showed Friday night.

With the latest update, Nigeria’s COVID-19 infection toll increased to 64,884, keeping it fifth on the list of African countries hit hardest, behind Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa.

The total death toll is now 1,163 after Saturday’s death is added to the tally. Meanwhile, there have been more recoveries from the virus amidst fears of an imminent and more devastating second wave, the country’s infectious disease agency noted.

Of the 64,884 total, about 60, 936 persons have been discharged from hospitals, after treatment, while nearly 4, 000 active cases remain in the country.

The 156 new cases were reported from 11 states – Lagos (70), FCT (22), Kaduna (18), Rivers (15), Plateau (11), Ogun (10), Bauchi (3), Katsina (3), Kano (2), Ekiti (1) and Osun (1).

With 70 new infections on Friday, Lagos further stretched its lead on the number of infections to over 22,000, about a third of the country’s total.

Currently, Nigeria has tested about 697,544 of its 200 million population.

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