Nigeria Confirms 11 New Coronavirus Cases In Lagos, Enugu And Edo Bringing Toll To 81

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Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has announced that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria has risen to 81. This was revealed on Friday night.

Confirming 11 new cases, NCDC said eight of the cases were discovered in Lagos, while two were discovered in Enugu and one in Edo State. Of the 81 confirmed cases, Lagos has 52, the federal capital territory (FCT) 14, Ogun three and Oyo three. Edo, Bauchi and Enugu states have two cases each. And Ekiti, Osun and Rivers states have one case each.

Nigeria has recorded only one casualty from the disease so far while three patients have been discharged from hospital with six others awaiting theirs as well.

Nigeria Confirms 11 New Coronavirus Cases 81 Toll OnoBello

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