Nigerian Surgeon Dismissed By MPTS For Removing Fallopian Tube In Place Of Appendix


Dr. Haruna Lawal has been trending all social media after he was dismissed of his duties for removing a patient’s ovary instead of her appendix. This was not Dr. Lawal’s first offence as he has previously removed a woman’s Fallopian Tube and a pad of fat from another man instead of their appendices.

His colleagues have termed his mistakes as “never events” because they are just not supposed to happen. When he was asked about the events he termed them as ‘trifling errors’ and blames his mistakes on his poor sight.

He has apologized to the victims but he was still dismissed by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service for his misconduct and lack of empathy for the patients.

Dr. Lawal is 59 years old and has been practicing for over 25 years.

Source: Pulse

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  1. Doctor from hell. Can you imagine? Trifling errors ke. Why did it have to take this long for the medical tribunal to pull his license? That’s a travesty by itself. I hope he is prosecuted for gross negligence or better yet, for quackery. This guy should never have practiced for as long as he did.

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