Nigeria’s Education System Going Down The Drain – Gowon


Former Nigerian Head of State, Yakubu Gowon has said stated that the education system in the country is going down the drain, despite the number of graduates making Nigeria proud globally, the country’s education system is still plagued by inadequate infrastructure and human resources.

Speaking during the 35th Convocation lecture of Bayero University, Kano, Gowon stated this, Sahara reporters reports.

He expressed concerns over the rising numbers of Nigerian Universities and the fact that they might not be able to get funds.

He said:

“Even as our universities continue to produce graduates that have done Nigeria proud at the world stage, the country’s education system is still plagued by inadequate infrastructure and human resources to meet global best practices.

“Nigeria now boasts of more than 100 universities, and I understand there are many more still awaiting licensing or are ready to commence operation.

“It is growing too fast and I think too many don’t know honestly, whether we can be able to really fund all these universities adequately,”

He also stated that the problems facing the education sector is more of a socio-economic challenge and the universities can address the issues.

“At home, socio-economic problems continue to grow geometrically whilst actual development only make arithmetic progression, but is the university system alone to blame for this, I think not.

“Issues of corruption and insecurity, for example, are largely of character, not learning, they are issues that the university can confront alone, the society must be mobilized as one to get things right.”

He explained that solutions focused on the re-orientation of values should be at the front burner of discussions.

“We have a good idea of what is wrong, when, where and how it went wrong.

“Whatever solution is proffered will take cognisance of the need to return to the core ideals of re-orientation of values.”

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