Nkechi Harry Ngonadi Talks About Reintroducing Decency to Church, Covers Today’s Woman’s March/April Issue

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi Today’s Woman OnoBello-3

TW is definitely taking bigger, bolder and daring steps in 2017; and there are very good reasons to, even if our only excuse will be because March is International Women’s celebration month; and April dawns with us eagerly counting down to our 10th year Anniversary. Whoop whoop!!!

The cover girl is NHN; she is of the social and inspirational fame on IG who has given a literal meaning to ‘Sunday Best’. Unapologetic about her Faith, her stance and her Boldness, Nkechi or Mrs. H, as fondly referred to by her husband, is one of the most popular fashion-preneurs and premium fabric stockists on this side of the globe. She has taken decency to the runway beyond Lagos, to the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She fears no competition in the fashion entrepreneur space.

She is the undaunted devil-stomper, who stands #bold in the face of trials and tests, and says she has of course seen many. The ever cheery Nkechi Harry-Ngonadi is a wife, mother, influencer and decency advocate, who is unafraid to spread the gospel of decorum and her unshakeable faith in God; she shares her patience story to serve as an inspiration to anyone, young and old.

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi Today’s Woman OnoBello

Step in with us as the magazine dish off the pages to your sense… straight outta Naija, our new home-grown project, designed to bring you local brands and their inspiring creators.

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No, March won’t be complete without cheering the Bold, Bright and Beautiful women who do and challenge us to be… Models speak up on the street of Lagos in our fashion editorial that will get you thinking.

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Cover Credits

Photography & Creative Direction: TY Bello @tybello

Styling: Favor Olugu @favolugu

Cover Story: Syreeta Akniyede

Make-up: Bimpe Onakoya @bimpeonakoya


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