Noami Campbell Talks About Simplicity, Taking Public Transportation & Humanitarianism in Elle Magazine

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International Supermodel, Naomi Campbell is known to be a delight on the runway. She has over the years earned her magnified and well-deserved spot in the fashion industry worldwide, as well as the movie industry. Yes, she is equally a great actress!

For those who may not really know the catwalk powerhouse, for Naomi, it’s way beyond the social status and material achievements. She is a humanitarian to the core. She has great passion for the less privileged and the underdeveloped countries, especially in Africa.

In this issue, Elle Magazine USA explores some of her humanitarian projects around the world both past and present and the future as well. Naomi also talked about her teaming up with fellow supermodels, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington to support ‘Knot On My Planet’, the elephant-preservation charity. On African, Ms Campbell says “Africa is very close to my heart. I have a place in Kenya, and it’s tragic and disgusting to know that people are killing elephants for their ivory, destroying the nature and beauty of this continent”.

She also talked about her simplicity and ability to relate with everyone even when she occasionally decides to take public transportation. She said “of course I’ve taken it,” she went on “And am I recognized? Yes, but if they say hi, I say hi. Do I take it often? No, I don’t. But I have taken it!”

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