Nollywood Actress Happy Julian-Uchendu Speaks Out Against Dumping Of Newborn Babies

Happy Julian Uchendu.OnoBello

Nollywood producer and actress, Happy Julian-Uchendu, has expressed concern over the rise in cases of babies being abandoned on the streets and in public places.

The actress who often celebrates events like her birthday, her son’s birthday and Valentine’s day with children at Orphanage Homes lamented about the dumping of new born babies in public places by young and unprepared mothers across the country.

In an interview with Vanguard, the actress said: “I spent my Christmas with the children at the orphanage, and also my birthday celebration is done with them including my son’s birthday ceremony is with them. I cherish and see them as my children too. I also believe in giving to the less privilege with what God has blessed me with, I mean the masses. This has been part of my upbringing and I have cultivated the habit of helping the masses because they need help and love.”

“I am a mother and I know the pain women pass through. After 22 hours of labour then delivery, somebody will now go and dump the baby on the street. I begin to imagine whether is the same labour process I went through these women who dump their new-borns go through?”

While noting that some young girls often resort to this act due to societal pressures and fear of their parents, she advised parents to instill good morals and discipline in their children.

“Even though they had the pregnancy without their parents knowing, I appeal to them not to go on with dumping the innocent babies, rather go home and plead with your mum to take care of the child, after which you can go engage yourself with a little job to support the baby.”

She also advised parents to instill good morals and discipline in their children in order to checkmate what they are doing instead to condone and encourage them to continue with their indecent lifestyle.

“Young girls should look at themselves and the way they are living their lives and for suffering the innocent child, I want them to be hardworking, and avoid giving birth to children and abandon them on streets”, she said.

On the movie industry she said more sponsors and investors are needed to move the industry forward because it is the highest employer of labour at the moment as hundreds of people are directly and indirectly employed in every movie produced.

“Government and corporate organizations are not supporting, except some banks that are doing that. The movie industry is the highest recruiting sector of the economy, like my company, Ebanky Global Production, established in 2012, which I have 12 permanent employees on our payroll, like the script, which some take 20 people or cast, some 50, 100, and we have like over 100 productions going on in Nigeria. So it is a massive employment creation going on the sector.



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