OB Beauty: Did You Know Rice Water Makes Your Hair Grow Longer?

rice water

Rice water is a very effective way of keeping your hair longer, shiny, stronger and smoother.

Rice water is gotten from the starch in the rice when soaked for a long time. Because it contains vitamin E, Amino acid, and minerals; your hair is likely to improve as long as you keep on using this treatment.

How to make rice water

Step 1:Rinse the rice with a sieve to removed any form of dirt

Step 2: Put the rice in a bowl and fill it with water

Step 3: Leave it for half an hour so that the start can come out( to know if it is okay,the colour turns milky cloudy and sometimes its thicker after it has stayed longer)

Step 4:To avoid the smell, you can add a slice of an orange peel to make it smell better

Application: Pour the rice water into a spray bottle and rinse your hair with it, leaving it moisturized.

Photo credit: Jovita George/youtube


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