OB Beauty: Remedies To Prevent Your Hair From Shredding!


Stress, sometimes genetics causes your hair to shred or fall.Most times you realized that your hair get to half of your come or brush when you com your hair.

We have natural remedies that can prevent and help you control your hair from shredding or breaking.

There are 5 major remedies

  1. Onion: Usually, this method was brought by the Indians because they proved it to maintain, grow and prevent hair breakage.Onion contains sulfur  which forms the collagen that improves your hair growth, makes it fuller and longer. The simpliest way to apply this onion method is to blend the onion and use the blended onion water and massage your hair then rinse off.
  2. Tea tree oil: This method is simple, massage this tea tree oil on your scalp and leave it there, don’t rinse.
  3. Rosemary oil: Use this oil to facilitate your hair follicles and promote hair growth. This oil is effective.
  4. Water: Drink a lot of water. Water goes a long way in increasing blood flow
  5. Vitamins: Take a lot of vitamins and eat healthy. You can decide to add supplements too your diet and watch your hair improve.

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