OB Beauty:The Biggest Makeup Trends For The Ember Months!

This is the season to brighten your look with glitters and glow like the sun, so if you are already getting sick of glitters then you have to think again. You don’t want to miss out on gold highlighter, shinny glosses and shimmers.
Black Eyeliner
Black eyeliner just has a way of defining and making your eyes pop out. Black eyeliners makes your lashes look fuller and sexier.You can apply this eyeliner by tracing it on the lash line above your lash line or you can decide to wing it out and decide the look you want to have.
Metallic Lipstick
Metallic lips are are a must have. It has a way of giving that charming and attractive glossy and shimmer look, leaving you appearing classy.
Get that glow girl, you don’t want to be looking plain and dull so you need to brighten up your look with a touch of highlight and make your look blinding. Are you ready for this killer look? Add this to your items.
Do you wanna have a little bit of fun? Glitters are captivating and looks good on any body. It just has a way of popping out your hidden beauty and making you look like a run way model. Have fun with glitters this Mber month and spice your life up.
False bottom lashes
False lashes changes your looks and gives you a chic look. Now the the new trend is bottom lashes. Still the same way you fix your lashes, it just makes your lashes lok fuller and gives you a pretty look.
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