OB Crush: Nkechi Cryan Of Niki Cryan Art Consultancy

OB Crush Nkechi Cryan Niki Cryan OnoBello (1)

For those who might not be conversant with the Nigerian art industry, meet Nkechi Cryan, the art consultant committed to safeguarding Africa’s space in the global art community, one artist at a time.

Nkechi is the founder of the Niki Cryan art consultancy where she provides a range of bespoke services. According to her website: “I seek to develop the careers of a select few emerging artists, to advocate for both the business and creative interests of my clients.” In an advisory role, whether assisting with your first purchase or working alongside collectors to find the right works to complement an existing collection, her aim is to provide a bespoke service that best meets the needs of each collector.

When collaborating with galleries, she strive to create exceptional experiences for patrons by leveraging the excitement of pop up spaces and the power of digital media. Creating a 360 experience with art and innovation at the center of everything she does, Nkechi is committed to edifying African art to the world.

What started as a genuine love and appreciation for art and expression has evolved into an impressive business model, an art consultancy that is dedicated to the business of art; freeing artists to focus on what matters, creating.

See more photos of Nkechi below.

OB Crush Nkechi Cryan Niki Cryan OnoBello (2)

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OB Crush Nkechi Cryan Niki Cryan OnoBello (1)

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/@niki.cryan

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