OB Crush: Venture Investor, Maya Horgan Famodu Of Ingressive


Our OB Crush this week is the delectable venture investor, Maya Horgan-Famodu who is the founder of Ingressive, a market entry firm that supports the pursuits of the new generation of African innovators to scale.

Maya is a Nigerian-American who is very committed to promoting entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa. Before starting Ingressive, Maya supported global advancement initiatives with Steve Mariotti, founder of Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and then worked in private equity research, consulting with private equity firms, guiding them to targeted insight on market opportunities.

In 2015, Maya completed Ingressive’ first private investor tour, #TourOfTech2015. She is also a member of Dreamers // Doers, a highly curated community of high-achieving trailblazing women who come together to support each other on their entrepreneurial paths. The community encompasses a diverse mix of female founders, women working at startups, and other female creators, change-makers, and influencers.








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