OB Cuisine: Add This Delicious Boiled Yam And Fish Sauce To Your Lunch Or Dinner Wishlist

Boiled Yam and Fish Sauce OnoBello

By now everyone knows that Boiled Yam is a classic Nigerian dish. And because it can be eaten with almost every type of sauce or anything makes it even better.

Today’s cuisine episode introduces emerging Insta-food blogger, Fatima Ayotunde as she shares her take on the staple dish. The Fish Sauce which is fried pepper-based is incredibly tasty yet easy to whip up.

Your recipe is limitless, as you can use just about any type of fish though firm fishes are better suited. You can also use either Palm oil or Vegetable oil, both options are just as good. Curry or Thyme seasoning isn’t advised if you’ll be using Palm oil as these two don’t go well with Palm oil in the slightest.

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