OB Cuisine: Boli And Grills Is The New Street Food Spot Everyone’s Talking About

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Lagos is renowned for its street food spots and one of them is Boli and Grills, a street food place/restaurant that is aimed to serving properly prepared street food ranging from grilled and fried meals to customers.

Its aim is to bridge the gap between street food lovers who equally care about the hygiene of these food cravings. From grilled turkey and fish to roasted potatoes and plantain (boli), Boli and Grills offer daily lunch delivery and cater to both corporate and social events.

They are located at 24 Idejo Street, off Adeola Odeku Victoria Island, Lagos. For every food lover out there, it definitely a must-try.

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Boli And Grills OB Cuisine OnoBello (2)

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/@boliandgrills

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