OB Cuisine: Check Out This Healthy Jollof Macaroni Combo By Klasik Foodie

Healthy Jollof Macaroni Combo OnoBelloEmerging food blogger, @klasikfoodie has recently shared a new delicacy of Jollof Macaroni, Drumstick, Sautéed Kale & Mushrooms and we urge you to check out.

The unconventional blogger writes, “Here’s a full plate to inspire your next meal idea. Here I have Jollof macaroni (Jollof = steamed in seasoned tomato sauce) & skinless drumstick (turmeric = the yellow colour), side of sautéed kale & mushrooms.

Side tip: an easy way to cut out unnecessary calories & maximizing the nutritional value in your meals is *watching your oil/fats when cooking.

*For e.g. I removed the skin on drumstick before boiling, pasta sauce was made with just chicken stock & tomato paste & then seasoning – no oil (plus since the chicken was skinless when boiling, the stock had only trace amounts of fats), kale & mushroom were sautéed without any oil – they both produce small amt of water so I don’t worry about it burning. Plus in all these, you don’t compromise the taste so it’s a win-win.”

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