OB Cuisine: Chef N Shopper’s Pasta And Minced Beef Stew For Some Dinner Inspo

Pasta and Minced Beef Stew OnoBello

On today’s OB Cuisine, we’re serving dinner inspo from the desk of Abuja-based food vendor, Chef N Shopper as she shares her take on Pasta and Minced Beef Stew.

Known as a favourite pasta for many, It is simply Fusilli pasta tossed or served with a simple Tomato Sauce and Ground Beef.

According to Nigerian food YouTuber, Sisi Jemimah, “You can use any type of Pasta you refer.” I just love Fusilli as it’s a tad bit chewy and compliments the texture of the Mince Beef more than any other Pasta type.”

Now, you do not have to mix your Pasta with the Mince Meat sauce. You may choose to have them side by side just like Chef N Shopper’s or simply skip the Pasta all together and use the sauce for with any other side of your choosing.


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