OB Cuisine: Do Breakfast The Nigerian Way With Pap (Ogi) And Fried Beak Cake (Akara)

Pap and Fried Bean Cakes OnoBello (2)

African Corn Pudding aka Pap/Ogi and Fried Bean Cakes is as synonymous to Nigerians as the traditional English breakfast (fried eggs, sausages, bacon and toast) is synonymous to British people.

The meal combo is dear to the hearts of Nigerians and at this point is already a citizen. It’s mostly breakfast dedicated for Saturdays in many households regardless of social class.

Akara is made from processed ground beans, turned into a fried cake. Made from beans and other ingredients like pepper, fresh onions etc. While Pap is cornmeal made from wet corn starch. The processed corn grain is prepared with hot water to get a light liquid food. This acts as a good source of energy needed to begin the day.

See below.

Pap and Fried Bean Cakes OnoBello (1)

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/@way_far_from_a_dish

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