OB Cuisine: Food Blogger, Iphy’s Kitchen Shows Us How To Make The Famous Ofe Nsala

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For those who are conversant with the Eastern part of Nigeria, We are sure you would know they have lots of sumptuous soups. One of those is the popular White Soup, locally known as Ofe Nsala.

In many Igbo restaurants, White Soup is typically the most sought-after soup, and it is usually more expensive than any others. Perhaps this is because of the assorted proteins it is garnished with or the exciting aroma that it exudes or maybe the captivating look when dished or even the native taste. Whichever one it is, Ofe Nsala is surely a perfect way to many Igbo men’s heart!

Ladies and gentlemen, capture the hearts of your man or woman by learning how to make this dish.

Watch Ireland based food blogger, Iphy who shows us how to make Ofe Nsala below.

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