OB Cuisine: Have Yourself A Yummy Christmas With Kiki Foodies’ Smokey Jollof And Chicken Combo

Smoky Jollof Rice and Chicken OnoBello (2)

Dear OB Fam, ​​Christmas is here, and as the typical Nigerians that we are, Smokey Jollof Rice and Chicken must be present at the dining table.

But have you ever wondered how you can get it right and make it perfect? Food blogger Kiki Foodies is sharing her pictorial representation of this yummy festive food that brings together family and friends.

A lot of people tend to struggle with the smoky taste especially when they’re not using firewood, but with an ingredient called Liquid Smoke, your meal is complete.

See below.

Smoky Jollof Rice and Chicken OnoBello (1)

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