OB Cuisine: Learn How To Prepare This Savoury Breakfast With Sheena’s Kitchen

Kenyan chef, Sheena shares a new breakfast idea of fried Plantain, rocket salad, and eggs, which according to her is less than 10 minutes to make.

She says: “I love coming up with simple vibrant savoury breakfast options… This breakfast combo is soo fast to put together you will be surprised with all the flavours for such little effort.”

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See recipe and method of preparation below:

1. 2 Plantains (really ripe): Skin should be blackening. Seasoned with cinnamon pan-fried in a tbsp of sunflower oil for about two minutes on medium-low heat until caramelised on both sides.

2. Rocket (Arugula) salad: Combined a handful of rocket leaves and topped with stuffed pimiento olives( basically seasoned olives usually stuffed with red pepper). I also drizzled the same oil from the olives jar to act as some sort of dressing.

You could use regular olives and just drizzle a bit of olive oil over your salad.

3. 2 Eggs: pan-fried in a tsp olive oil… Covered with a lid to steam and cook the egg fully ( that way I don’t have to turn them) and seasoned with salt and black pepper.

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