OB Cuisine: Miyan Taushe By Chef Imoteda Of Heels In The Kitchen


Hello OnoBello readers, hope you all had a beautiful weekend? Today’s cuisine features the Miyan Taushe, an indigenous soup from Northern Nigeria made from pumpkin, locust bean (dawadawa), stock and groundnuts.

According to Chef Imoteda, it is one of the favourite things she has ever cooked. “I absolutely love pumpkin soup and putting together my favorite pumpkin soup and this flavourful dish made so much sense!” she captioned on Instagram.

Tips: Instead of serving it “chunky” as is traditional, she puréed the ingredients into a smooth creamy soup that’s big on flavour and spice. She also added some pounded yam, seated fish with my signature crispy skin and of course prawns and finished it with a delicious herb oil.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/imoteda

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