OB Cuisine: Watch Mrs Kush’s Super Easy Recipe For Baked Moi-Moi

Baked Moi Moi OnoBello

Learn how to make easy, oven-baked Moi-Moi made with Bean Flour with Mrs Kush in this new vlog.

She says, “If you are an Ajebota and you don’t like stress, baking moi moi made from Bean Flour is the ultimate convenience!⠀

It’s important you bake them in a water bath and keep it covered so that it doesn’t dry out. I’ve also discovered that if you have moi moi leaves and you use it to line your foil or baking sheet the aroma of the Uma leaves will seep into the moi moi and transport your tastebuds to the village!”

You’ll need: 1 Cups Bean Flour, 3 Cups Hot Water, 1 Large Onion Handful Pepper (to desired heat level), Crayfish, Salt, Seasoning, Egg, Bell Pepper & Chili Flakes to garnish.

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