OB Cuisine: Watch Omoni Oboli Show Off Impressive Culinary Skills In Latest Tiktok Video

Omoni Oboli Cooking Tiktok Video OnoBello

Self-quarantine has given us all the time we need to catch up with ourselves and our loved ones and celebrities are utilizing this time to the fullest and trying their hand at cooking.

Enter: Nigerian actress, Omoni Oboli and her well-garnished instant Noodles. The Nollywood star who has been making waves on social media with her latest family-oriented videos took to TikTok to showing off her culinary skills.

In the brief video, Oboli transforms regular noodles into a delicious treat. The major ingredient includes Carrots, pepper, multi-purpose seasoning, onions, and hot dogs. If you’re looking to do a little stress eating, the video offer a very handy tutorial:

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