OB Exclusive: Lilian Afegbai On Life After BBA, Handling Negativity & Her Style


You might know her from her stint in Big Brother Africa, or from Tinsel and the numerous other movies she has featured in, or maybe even from the tons of red carpet events she constantly attends, the point is Lilian Afegbai no longer needs an introduction. But when OnoBello.com caught up with the beautiful actress for a quick chat, we kicked things off by asking her to introduce herself.

“I’m a Thespian, commercial model and entrepreneur,” she said. She goes on to describe herself as an extrovert, vivacious, happy-go -lucky type of girl.

Prior to BBA, she wasn’t nearly as famous as she is today and we were curious to know what she was doing before the competition. The Accounting graduate of Ben Idahosa University tells us she had just finished her NYSC and was working with the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service as well as some acting on the side. But, she had to quit her job right before entering for BBA.

What is the most important thing she took away from her BBA outing, we ask. “It was basically how to be tolerant! When you cohabit with people, you need a lot of patience.” Another thing the outing taught her, she said, is to always have a game plan.

And she did come out with a game plan. Right now she is working on building a solid brand for herself. Her main focus now is her acting career but she tells us she plans to tow the lines of some of her senior colleagues by going into film production later.

Despite not winning in BBA, Lilian has absolutely no regrets and would do it all over again if she could. “If I had the chance yes, I would do it again because it’s a huge platform and also you get to meet different people from Africa learn their various cultures.”


Life after BBA has been quite “awesome”, in her words. “It’s been all about work, from one movie set to another, photoshoot for campaigns,  TV and radio interviews, cover shoots and so much more. I also attend quite a number of events,” she said.

Her birthday photos last year generated a lot of buzz, some negative, but Lilian understands it comes with the territory and she has mastered the act of shaking off negativity. “Everyone has an opinion and people will always talk. Good or bad, I take it in good Faith.” She goes on, “you know, negativity comes with the job. No matter what you do, there will always be nay-sayers. I just shake it off, stomp on it and rise a little higher”.


We finally talk fashionJ.

Now, if you’ve been very observant, you’ll notice Lilian hardly puts a wrong fashion foot forward when she’s walking the red carpet. Which got us asking, what inspires her red carpet style? “I enjoy being the cynosure of all eyes,” she reveals. “So, I endeavour to bring the ‘glam on’ whenever I step on the red carpet.”

Whose style does she look at and go “oh! How I wish I can raid her closet!”? “Victoria Beckham!” she exclaims. “Her outfits are bold, timeless and stylish. Head to toe perfection every time she steps out.”

It can’t be easy to juggle her schedule and still smuggle some gym time in, but Lilian looks so trim and fit so how does she do it. She lets us in on her secret – Good genes!

“I thank God for good genes, I eat a lot and never work out. I guess because I’m always on the move there’s really no time for excess fat to settle in.”


We ask her for her beauty routine and it turns out that no matter how tired she is, she always finds time to “Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.”

We’re so used to hearing people wish they can be Beyonce or Rihanna or someone else for a day so we ask Lilian – “If you could wake up in another person’s body, who would it be and why?” Turns out she doesn’t share in most people’s fantasies. “My body actually,” she says. “I love myself too much, that’s why I’m vain sometimes.”

We round up by asking her the craziest thing she’s ever read about herself. “Craziest hmmmm,” she pauses to think but nothing comes up. “I guess I haven’t read any yet. But, you know our industry. Every day is a story. She laughs and we said our goodbyes.

Written by Njideka ‘Enjay’ Akabogu.













































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