OB Focus: Ahmed Buhari – CEO Of Skylar Inc. And Presidential Aspirant

ahmed buhari

Ahmed Buhari, a  young presidential aspirant and the CEO of Skylar Inc is married to Maryam Ahmed Buhari and they have three children together. Ahmed  was born in April 7th, 1978. Ahmed who 40 years old, hails from Kontagora, Niger state. He Attended Mustapha Comprehensive School, Kontagora for his secondary education and later went to command school, Kaduna to finish up.

At age 15, Ahmed lost his father and had to grow up fast to take care of his family and support them.Because he was determined, he struggled so hard to get in the university to get his degree and fortunately for him, he succeeded and finished from the University of Technology in Niger State where he obtained his B.SC degree in Geology.

He didn’t stop there, he took a study leave to study further for his master in London. When he came back he worked for several years before he started his own company.

His company; Skylar Inc. is focused on Information Technology, Brand building and more. Ahmed is currently running for the the post of the president in the forth coming 2019 election and he believes in striking the balance between the rich and the poor and also intends to reduce tribalism to the barest minimum because he believes that’s wehre the problem lies.

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