OB Relationships: Every Time I Kiss My Boyfriend, I Wake Up With Swollen Lips!


I can’t take this anymore, I have tried, I have endured enough, I am tired of faking orgasms and I am tired of waking up every morning with swollen lips.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not married  just living with my boyfriend  because we love each other and we are not ready for marriage yet. Whenever, my boyfriend and I are making out, the beginning is always romantic,because I love  the way he takes my hair back, pulls me closer to himself and whispers nice words into my ear, it  just runs chills through my body. I get really scared when it’s time to kiss, because he focuses only on my upper lip and I don’t know if that is his own style of kissing or something else because he kisses me as though he’s  trying to suck out blood or juice from my lip like he is a vampire,he just does it so passionately that I am forced to scream because it hurts, but whenever I scream he does it more because he thinks I like it. I have tried telling him several times indirectly but I don’t know how to make him understand that I don’t like how he kisses me because I hate seeing my self wake up with swollen lips like I fought or something and the funny thing is that he doesn’t even notice the injury he inflicts on me.

Please I need a serious cure to this problem. How can I tell my boyfriend to stop sucking out blood from my lip?

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