OB Relationships: I Love Him Not The Sex!


My name is Fiyinfoluwa, I am 20years, a final year student. 2 years ago, I got a job with an event company which I work with during my break. So last year my boss started asking Me out, I agreed later and we started dating. P.S- my boss is married with kids (his wife and kids know me).

Things have been cool between us since then, we have sex regularly, cuddle and romance in his office, I leave school weekends to see and we always have great sex as he would call it.

I love this man to the extent of me breaking up with my boyfriend just to be with him, he loves me too and always tells me he doesn’t want to leave me, I don’t want to leave him too.
The thing now is I was with him this weekend, we were together all through for an event, I slept at his other apartment Saturday night after the event and he went home to his family. He came very early to meet me on Sunday morning to see me.

We had a lot of romance and I gave him a blowjob as I was on my period, but he insisted on penetrating so I agreed, I’ve never done this before, having sex while on my period. After we finished I started feeling bad and irritated but he said its fine. I want to leave this man but he doesn’t want to let me go, one side of me doesn’t want to leave him too.

I’m confused. Each time I see his family I feel guilty. I want to get out of this whole mess, I don’t know what to do. Please advise me, I’ve been feeling terribly bad since after the sex.

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