OB Relationships: I Love My Boyfriend But I Can’t Stop Dating Older Men!


I started playing senior jokes from my childhood age. I had this special uncle that would always touch me and then offer to buy me ice-cream for an exchange.

Because I wanted ice- cream, I let him touch me often.Then I started enjoying it because it gave me that feeling ice-cream gave me. He realized I was always looking up to our meeting dates, so he continued and made me explore different moves.

Soon, he stopped visiting my house and I took a break. Fast forward to my 100 level in University, I realized people made joyful money and still had fun with older guys. So my friend linked me up and my life turned around. I have no regret whatsoever, doing what I enjoy the most. But my greatest fear is that, my boyfriend is not comfortable with my lifestyle, but I can’t stop, I don’t know what to do because I really love him and I don’t want him to leave me. what can I do?

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