OB Relationships: I Met Him A Pastor, But I’m Living With The Devil Himself!!

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I met my husband in church, he was the assistant pastor of the church we worshipped in. Because I was a newcomer, I decided to join the choir to attract him.

Let’s fast forward to when he eventually approached me in a godly way and said God said he should tell me that I am his wife.Words couldn’t express the way I felt.

My parent and everyone were in support of the marriage because they know how holy brother xxx is. Even some girls in church stopped talking to me and were jealous because bro xxx chose me.

The first few years were filled with love, joy, happiness and any sweet thing you can think of. I was forever grateful to God for bringing such a perfect man to me.

Shortly, his true characters started showing up. The way he used to have sex with me changed, he started making me wear costumes like those porn stars do and make me do all the styles I never knew existed. I kept quiet, since the bible said my body is my husbands. I decided to tell myself that it is another way to loose weight and look healthy.

The second time, he brought pankere also called cane in english. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to be a teacher, then he smiled and said he wants to teach me. I thought he was joking until darkness fell upon us. That night my husband flogged me like a child and burst my virgin anus open.

I struggled so hard to let go, but he got angry and slit my anus with a blade so he could go in well. That night I physically saw death and begged him to take me. I was tired of living,the only thing I remembered from that night was that I woke up in the hospital.

I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because people always told me I was privileged to marry him, even my parents worshiped him.

That wasn’t the end of my plight, infact it was the beginning. I came home really early from work on a Tuesday morning because I was sick, when I got in I wanted to rest in the guest room downstairs but I wasn’t comfortable because I was hearing Pablo cry, I wasn’t really bothered because he cries when I’m not home.  I decided to know why he was upset so I went upstairs  just to find my husband  forcing himself into our 8 months old male dog.

I just couldn’t understand what was going on, I fainted and woke up speechless,I cried like a child because I realize my dog was always scared of him and always hid when I wasn’t around.

The worse part was that he wasn’t apologetic, instead he said if I had  barked and wailed whenever he stroked me like Pablo did, that he wouldn’t have cheated.

Then and there I realized I  married a mad man. I can’t divorce him now because it’s not accepted in my church and culture. So I’m planning on leaving him quietly and travelling far away from him.

Do you think I’m making a good decision?

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