OB Relationships: I’M Good For Sex, Not For Marriage!


This might sound strange but the truth is that I was never a virgin, I was born without a hymen. I started having sex right from when I was three years old. It started when my neighbor and his friends would make us play hide and seek. My neighbor would always whisper in my ear and tell me where to hide, then afterwards he would come and have sex with me. I was small but yet I enjoyed it,I always looked forward to the days when my neighbor would call us out to play hide and seek.

I got into secondary school and became worse, I slept with half of the school boys and all the male teachers in school for free  because I liked the pleasure I got. I got into the university and I became the head of Small girls with big god association. I slept with people’s daddies, uncles, brothers and every male I set my eyes on.

Because my parents were always complaining about my character, they decided to marry me off to a rich man that barely even touches me. I decided to stay responsible for a week but I can’t even go on. My husband is a nice man and he takes care of me. But I wasn’t born to be married off to a man, I am not a wife, I can’t be a wife I just want to embrace my personality and and do the real me.

Please how can I make my husband chase me out of the house because the man I married is stubborn and wouldn’t let me go.

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