OB Relationships: My Uncle Entered And I Felt Him Right In My Womb!


I never had it easy in life. My parents died when I was five years old and left me with no money, property or food. My younger siblings and I decided to leave with my uncle in Lagos.

Uncle Biggie took us in like his own children and even enrolled my sibling and I in school.Life became interesting and fun for us, we were  like one big family and everything was fine till I turned fifteen.

Uncle Biggie lost his wife and he was a different person, nobody could console him. He was heart broken and angry at the same time. So one night we were all asleep when he tapped me and I followed his lead still feeling sleepy. He told me to wear his Wife’s dress and I did then he dragged me close to himself and smelt me.

He started touching me and crying,I felt sad and held him close trying to console him and make him feel alright. He held me so tight that I felt life leaving me, then he released me slowly and kissed me. I was scared and wanted to leave, he held me and squeezed my hand, I screamed then he dragged me close to him, breathing hard.

This time I knew something was wrong, he wrapped his left hand on my waist and started finding his way into my thighs. He pushed me to the bed, laid close to me and smelt me again. This time he put his fingers in me and whispered in my ear” I want to play with your clitoris” I didn’t know where it was so I let him find it.

Soon, he spread my legs and I felt him right in my womb, I screamed all the time till it was over. I was scared so I ran back to my room, I cried all night.

It started happening, every day, twice a day every minute, every second,till I started missing classes. I can’t even concentrate at school anymore because the sex keeps getting better every time

Now, I’m twenty four and I don’t see myself with another man apart from my uncle, I don’t know if i’m in love with him,or that I’m just used  to him.

Please I need to move on, what can I do? I can’t even think straight anymore.

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