OB Relationships: Seems Women Have More Axe to Grind Than Men!

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Do you disagree, head to comment section but first here is another relationship story culled from #BOM.

Read below.

“I am in need of mature advice here, I met a guy online (facebook) 4 months ago, we talked and I made him understand that I am 26yrs and not ready for any relationship that is not leading to marriage.

He came to visit me last months but we didn’t make love I told him after marriage. He then told me to come visit him and see his mum since they stay together.  I visited last week but he didn’t introduce me to his mum and we had sex. He also gave me 15k to come back to Lagos when my transportation for going and coming back was 14k.

I need some advice on whether this guy is not playing with my mind and emotions because I already love him. It’s not the money he gave me that is the problem because I work and I can afford it for now but I am not so experienced in relationship matters and can’t tell if am doing #Mugu things.

P.S. He has never given me any money since we met.

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