OB Style Inspiration: What To Wear To Different Occasions This Christmas

What To Wear To Different Occasions This Christmas OnoBello

We are now fully in the festive season! As our spirits are high and we are getting ready for the flurry of activities that come with it, we can’t forget to focus on our fashion choices. The season calls for a sartorial verve like no other, and with less than a week to go, shops are awash with a menagerie of sequins, silks, and sparkles ready to dazzle even the most reluctant of party-goers.

So, what to wear? It’s a question that’s best answered with visuals, which is why we’ve compiled the best outfits for different occasions this Christmas, which come complete with every last jingle bell and whistle.

Church Dressing

The safest attire one can wear if there isn’t anything good for the day is to go to church in formal attire. It’s all up to your personal style as you may prefer to go with an elegant dress or a skirt and a top worn with simple low heeled shoes.


It is advisable to always dress decently when attending church service. Prints are always nice to see as it brings excitement and connotes a happy aura to the one wearing it. However, always keep these prints in accordance to the ceremony and the occasion, just as designer Yutee Rone pulled it off above.




Family Lunch

The right outfit at a family lunch is comfortable, but presentable. However, a Christmas luncheon is a tricky event to dress for, as it requires both festivity and decorousness. All-out glamorous looks, like satin cocktail dresses or dark suits, would be considered too dressy. And family lunches are often relatively formal meals, so you don’t want to look sloppy or underdressed.


At the same time, the event is a celebration, and stuffy outfits don’t convey the proper holiday spirit. To strike the right tone, take the formality into account, and then aim for a crisp, fashionable look with just a touch of sparkle or drama.










House Party


Opt for something with a little sparkle, flare or embellishment. It’s Christmas after all. Wear a shirt with an embellished collar peeping out over a colourful knit, and pair the duo with relaxed tuxedo trousers or loose-fitting flares and a block heel ankle boot. Prefer a skirt? Opt for something glitter-strewn or pleated.







This is quite easy to pull off when your dress code equals the kind of concert you are going to. Different fashion trends are popular for music concerts, outdoor festivals, comedy concerts etc.


However, holiday concerts are your time to dazzle, so don’t settle for a look that’s less than spectacular. Set yourself apart from your fellow concert goers and opt for a jazzy midi dress over a mini, colorful jumpsuits that command attention or an LBD if you are timid and don’t agree with being center-stage. See more concert dressing inspo below.




Dinner Party


Dressing for a dinner party requires some basics and if you know nothing about them, here are some simple introductions. First, it’s a holiday party so there should be a lot of dancing part, you should select the suitable dresses and comfortable shoes. Also if at this party, you have to sit on the floors or a stage, then a longer dress is better than a short one.

The high street is flooded with sophisticated above-the-knee dresses (so think patterns, metallics and voluminous sleeves) and show a little décolletage in the dress with a deep neckline. Rich burgundy, red, purple, emerald green and dusty pink are the hues of the moment. Finally, accessorize with the pricier, designer accessories you have accrued over the years.












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