OB Survival Kit Series: Celebrity Stylist Jane Michael Ekanem


Today on our “OB Survival Kit Series”, we have Celebrity Stylist Jane Michael Ekanem.

In this exclusive feature Jane tells us how they she has survived and is thriving in career as a fashion stylist.

Jane is a successful celebrity stylist. She has styled several Nigerian celebrities including Yemi Alade, Bolanle Olukanni as well as styled magazine covers, editorial shoots and music videos.

Earlier in the year, the stylist behind some of Nigeria’s hottest celebrities shared her inspiring story talking about her job, her past, and her love for fashion on CNN African Voices.

jane-michael-OnoBelloToday for OnoBello.com, the stylist who is transitioning to becoming a fashion designer with her soon-to-be launched clothing line Jane Michael Collection tells us how she started and gives quick tips on how any budding stylist can make it in the fashion industry.

Check it out below!

OB: What were some of your first styling gigs at the start of your career?

JME: Some of my first styling gigs were Project Fame West Africa, Yvonne of MTV Base and working with Clarence Peters.

OB: What motivated you to take a different route that other stylists weren’t like TV styling?

JME: I wouldn’t exactly say I chose a different route, I just had a direction and my clientele started building around TV and production and that is how it continued and then expanded.

OB: Do you remember a point in your career that was an “I made it” moment, when you realized that you were on your way?

JME: That would be when I got my first car. I had no support from anybody, I bought it myself. It was at that point I believed I could make it myself if I put in the required effort.

jane-michael-OnoBelloOB: What about your personal style? What do you gravitate toward for your everyday outfit?

JME: By default, because of my job, I like to wear the easy and comfy clothes; but this is relative as I still love to wear shorts and sassy outfits. Some people wouldn’t find that easy because they are probably outfits that would make a person self-conscious, but not me. Outside of work, my style could change and I would want to look a bit formal or semi casual. But right now for me, outside work I have switched from the all black ensemble to girly stuff.

OB: What’s the one item on your shopping-lust list right now?

JME: The Hublot Black Caviar Bang Wristwatch. If that could be gifted to me it would be super awesome too!

jane-michael-OnoBelloOB: Is there an item in your closet that we’d be shocked to find?

JME: (Now thinking about it) I do not think so. However, what shocks me in my closet is when I pick up old clothes that I find difficult letting go and I cannot believe I was ever that size. I used to be a size 0 and now a 10 working on going back to an 8, so the thought that I was ever that skinny, shocks me.

OB: What’s your advice for those who want to break into your line of work?

JME: Originality is key and they need to be more patient. The job isn’t as lucrative as it used to be so the value of a stylist has depreciated now that supply is higher than the demand; so they need to be extremely patient to pave their way through.

See some photos of Jane at work below!

fittings-bolanle-olukanni-at-mai-atafos-studioFitting Bolanle Olukanni at Mai Atafo’s studioimage1Fitting Linda Ikeji for TW Magazine cover shootimage2

styling-a-model-on-clarence-peters-setStyling a model on Clarence Peters’ set styling-chioma-igwe-for-her-wedding-with-yomi-koshibaStyling Chioma Igwe for her wedding with Yomi Koshiba


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